Trying Small Technology Site.js 3/4

I realised that the interactive demo was more useful than I realised, I think on the site the first block of text should mirror the interactive demo, for people like me I kinda skipped it, or make the interactive demo more obvious and prominent. With the text clearly indicating the advanced features.

So now to sync thing up, I watched the demo a few more times and think I might have an idea, at first I was worried that I needed to run Site.js on my server but I don’t think I do if that’s just the remote end point. So now to work out my remote SSH log in as I normally land in via root or use SFTP.

Off to Plesk and searching to see if I can create a new SSH user straight into my new domain I couldn’t see that as an option, a stack overflow advised to get into the right place do the following;

ssh -t "cd /directory_wanted ; bash"

This worked for me to get to the right place but I am not sure if the –sync-to method would take that and what about the user.

Ok so tried

site "cd /var/www/vhosts/ ; bash"

I got a helpful error which said Error 127: Rsync not found; please run site enable –sync

Ok trying to enable sync next.

👿 Sorry, daemons are only supported on Linux systems with systemd (systemctl required).

Blast. Thats a show stopper.

So I decided to take a look at the html file, maybe I should just copy that over but it was very very barebones, aka no structure just the one line I added.

Hmm so my conclusion at this point.

The advantages of Site.js will (I think) only come into play if I am running Site.js both locally and then copying or syncing to the remote which is also running Site.js otherwise I am just copying a plain html file to be server up via in my case Plesk/Apache. This will need more investigation as I will need to install and run Site.js on my VPS and then I suspect redirect requests for my new domain to said place using nginx, I do this for a couple of other services but I need to refresh my brain 🧠 on how to do this. Read the final part of this brief look at the first release of one part of the tech from The Small Technology Foundation. Part 4

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