Design Process

Finally got round to reading more of Backstage Talks issue 3 today (by the river). I totally recommend it. I’ve highlighted some wonderful points here from Annina Koskinen of Spotify. Collaborative practice and the cross between science, technology, design and art is one thing I really hold as super super relevant in 21st century education practice, Annina articulates this very well. 👍👍

A lot of those GDPR emails are unnecessary and possibly illegal - I thought this with my own mailing list as I double opt in everyone and so have not sent another set of consent emails as consent was already clear and fair.

Insanely busy with the day job but if anyone does anything with Vue or Vue + Electron with apis let me know I’d love to find some time to try somethings out @manton

London Studio Trip

Busy day in London to meet up with @ustwoadventure @studiolovesong @lastseenonline and @sennep_games discussing future potential projects and our graduate showcase pop up arcade events #WSAxARCADE woooo

How about changing? Changing from passive, to active. From scroll to search, from react to rethink, from like and retweet to write and link. Take the power back.

Now the a key mucking up on MBP 2016 keyboard and I mainly use an external Keyboard, very poor. Might be 3rd trip since purchase to get keyboard “fixed”