iOS increase font size per app .. Yes!! ... who KNEW!

Since iOS15 apparently you can increase the font size within individual apps, which seems rather useful, most apps now, even with my reading glasses on iOS16 with dynamic type up to 135% are too small for me now.

But even on my phone with dynamic text up to max across the phone, some apps still have way too small fonts in parts of their interface. However, adjusting further in accessibility settings makes everything too big for me. Unknown until now, there is, in fact, a setting per app that has allowed me to finally get, for example, outlook writing email font at a size that is no longer insanely small… here is how for any app.

  • Settings
  • Control Centre (make sure access within apps is on – should be)
  • Add Text Size to the included controls section
  • Open up an app, that likes tiny fonts
  • swipe down from top right to access control centre
  • tap the aA icon
  • tap the App name only icon

And bang, you can go slide the font’s size up further. See attached images, that’s 135% + 120% in Outlook only – happy days!

screenshot of text size settings from within control centre on iOS 16screenshot of text size settings from within control centre on iOS 16

Adam Procter @adamprocter