Day 1 GDC

Working out day two next at #gdc

Day one was mainly spent attending a full day workshop on using games to help tackle the climate disaster,which was excellent, our team came up with a fun hyper casual simulation called “the farmers dream” in which you are government granted to transform your industrial farm into a more sustainable and local farm using drip irrigation, mitigating against water shortages and as you do so you will be rewarded by seeing the positive effects on the local community around your farm and ward of bigger climate events. Our impact was that our non gamer audience might consider consumption choices in the grocery store based on new knowledge of how supporting local not only boosts your local economies but also helps fight the climate crisis. Not bad for a day of talks and breakouts!

We then wrapping up day one for the evening we joined another queue to attend a local Bay Area game dev showcase -

It was so busy we took local advise and heading to wait it out at a dive bar where we played another local game dev yet to be released twin stick local Co-op game

Before heading back to the meetup for a now slightly shorter queue to final play more games #gdc #gamesdesign #gdc2023 #southampton #sanfrancisco

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Adam Procter @adamprocter