How could a greedy landlord kill my cat?

We moved from a village to the city. It’s an Excellent location we love it’s proximity to shops, train and vibrancy but most of our street is rented out to students as HMOs (houses of multiple occupancy) like ours was until we bought it, since moving in I have seen 2 grow additional bedrooms in the lofts and gardens and have opposed a whole “house” being built in a garden, the HMOs are packed in by greedy landlords and if they can’t get extra buildings build they just figure out how to gut the inside for more rooms. One of the many issues this causes is there is not enough bins and thus the collection of bins is not adequate. As bin day draws near or not (see photo) more and more items due to our proximity to the coast are blow down the road and no longer anyone’s issue, it seems that around 6 weeks ago my oldest cat who likes to wander, we suspect cut his tongue on a tin can and although he has 3 set of antibiotics and pain killers he has lost a sizeable chunk of his tongue and over the last few days he can’t eat and it seems after various vets trips and hundreds of pounds it’s likely he will die. I hate landlords so much. And if your a student or someone crammed into a property not only does it look untidy and trashes the local environment you may do more damage that you think so hey try and manage you bins so the lid closes, if it doesn’t ask the council for another bin or make a trip to the tip. Don’t make our street look like a tip and become dangerous for its occupants and their pets.

Dr. Adam Procter @adamprocter