The boiler parts maybe the same but…

Training and care of customers pays, excellent local service for our boiler I am a very happy person now. Here’s the story;

Generic Plumber A, who did fit stuff excellent for us in conversion of ground bedroom to family room to be fair but said more than once - “boiler is too small for this house and rainfall showerhead was probably not a good idea” - new boiler circa £2k + fitting

Called local Viesmann approved plumber “this part is probably blocking / blocked and needs replacing, the services previous on boiler didn’t do all the cleaning that we are trained to do, that’s obvious” part and service circa £400…

And guess what💥 Boom mega hot power rainfall shower wooo

Also advised a small part that maybe on the way out, but has re inflated it (didn’t force a instant replacement) and said what to look out for if it is actually perforated (aka why it had deflated), I said ok shall I make a note of that, he said no I will remember (not I’ll log it in the system).

Nailed it! Booked for annual servicing.

Dr. Adam Procter @adamprocter