Adobe holding your files hostage

Adobe you MUST provide a migration tool for moving cloud documents between profiles and you MUST provide a bulk export of all files in the cloud. Holding files hostage is brutal and not human centred design at all. I am expecting to lose some of my work. I have managed to get the most important things by the slow process of downloading them 1 at a time, sometimes 10 at a time when the Creative Cloud app played ball. I may write up a bigger post on this as its so hostile and we the creative industries and the students I teach are being held hostage to a monopoly in so many directions it’s just wrong. As personal budgets get tighter some people will need to cancel their Adobe Subscriptions, but with the issue they may never get access to their own work again, especially when you then delete them from the Cloud of the inactive accounts. This is out of order to a magnitude of 10/10.

Adam Procter @adamprocter