Meta is really bad news, we must have a counter to Big Tech

After this weeks announcement of Meta, Facebooks new company, we have to mobilise against Big Tech. Facebook must not be the future of how humans interact with Technology.

Ursula K. Le Guin wrote that the concept of technology is “consistently misused to mean only the enormously complex and specialized technologies of the past few decades, supported by massive exploitation both of natural and human resources.” Rather, she argued, technology should be understood more expansively, as the way “society copes with physical reality… the active human interface with the material world.” Technology, as the sum of “what we can learn to do.” - Digital Public Spaces

Big Tech is a virus that drains us of our rights, freedoms, and agency. It has the same success criteria as Covid: exponential growth. While we must fight it directly via legislation, we can also vaccinate ourselves against it by funding and building Small Tech. - Aral Balkan

Adam Procter @adamprocter