Teaching and Scholarship Podcast episode 32

Episode 32 sees us catching up with Adam Procter, who is the Programme Lead for Games Design and Art at The Winchester School of Art, at The University of Southampton. We have a fascinating discussion covering everything from retro gaming and innovative tech right through to open-source, free-software. Plus, I also give my Pocket Operator (PO12 Rhythm) a spin just to give it that old school ‘Super Nintendo’ vibe! Stephan is back too, keeping us posted on things over in the States including some academic book reviews - brace yourselves, it is a long one!

Here is my ramblings on the latest teaching and scholarship podcast hope it’s at least entertaining and hopefully informative and interesting. Could do deep dive even more on lots of what we covered so if anything piques your interest reach out and I’ll happily chat more on games, free software and design thinking anytime


Dr. Adam Procter @adamprocter