Some people might be following the development of which is awesome. Thank you. I thought I would give you all the current status of the project, as I’ve been a little quiet while wrapping up semester in my day job running Games Design & Art at WSA.

I have to prioritise writing up the project and creating other materials to present my research for my PhD submission this should be completed in two phases.

Phase 1

The thesis text completed by the end of the summer (Oct) revisions requested from then followed by creation of rich media to show of the project itself.

Phase 2

Fix any text revision requests and book 2 external supervisors for the viva likely first half 2022.

This means however at the moment the alpha build of the software itself is not getting much attention and the beta Vue 3 (re)build is on pause.

However the positives are I really want to be using specific features of for Semester 1 (Oct 2021) so I need to do some focussed work and in Jan 2022 there is potential to start building a new view related to podcasts which includes costings for a real JavaScript developer not me just hacking around.

Some of the associated media and writing will also outline approaches to Ed tech for higher education tools which I hope will also give people pause for thought.

I am hoping to post a few more YouTube videos as well soon however I am also taking a stay at home holiday as I am pretty burnt out.

Dr. Adam Procter @adamprocter
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