WAYFINDER is an expression of our connectedness to the natural world. It’s an opportunity to renew a damaged ecosystem through discovery and verse.

The calming, contemplative gameplay is symbolic of the cause-and-effect relationship humans have with nature. It underscores our role in both affecting, but ultimately remedying, the effects of climate change through action and a greater appreciation of the environment.

The art is generative. The visual assets and poetry are assembled procedurally and algorithmically through code, creating different combinations for each new visitor.

The textured, hand-illustrated aesthetic is delivered in real-time, and the poetic verses are created with a mix of artificial intelligence/machine learning and generative processes, providing thousands of possible combinations.

As such, Wayfinder is an ever-changing, emergent artwork with infinite possibilities. Each time it runs, it produces a new and individualized world.

Adam Procter @adamprocter