Cyborg Rights & Funding our Tech...

Snuck into end of small tech conversation with a small topic (not! whoops) but as discussion was on funding alternative technologies looking at public bodies I was again wondering if an angle of attack might be back to considering if we understand that we as humans have to have access to the web / connected devices and thus they are a human right in themselves and yet the makers of most technology Google / Facebook etc. don’t respect our human rights in a digital space, that the owner of the data in the first instance must be yourself and the right not to share anything should be the default, who is convincing governments to look at this from a human right POV and then how could that approach unlocking funding of the technology we humans have to use.

Snippet from draft thesis; for contex

William Playfair, considered the founder of graphic representation of statistics and inventor of the line graph, bar chart, pie chart and circle graph states;

As knowledge increases amongst mankind, and transactions multiply, it becomes more and more desirable to abbreviate and facilitate the modes of conveying information from one person to another, and from one individual to many. (Playfair, 1786)

So how could the way we convey, make and represent the information generated and presented to this community of practice have a direct impact on what is made. I will argue that what is made is directly effected by the systems we use within this environment and demonstrate this through research, a series of interventions and experiments that have been undertaken during 2016 through to 2020 within this community. I will then discuss the considerations such interventions digital tool makers and those that use them must urgently consider in order to respect the augmentation of ourselves. Aral Balkan renowned digital rights activist states;

Once we understand that we extend our selves with technology and that our technology and data lie within the boundaries of the self, then we must insist that the constitutional protections of the self that we have enshrined within the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and implemented within our myriad of national laws are extended to protect the cyborg self.(Balkan, 2017)

Dr. Adam Procter @adamprocter