The first 2021 School of Design Talk is Tonight 7pm UK time - 'networked notes'

Tonight The School of Design starts its series of talks for 2021 members ! You are able to attend one free talk if you are not a member yet, but I suggest you will want to snap up joining at the insanely low £95 a year as you will get access to some amazing resources to level up your design chops, I also know spaces are limited.

Disclaimer @mrmurphy is a good friend of mine and I have worked with him and am a paid School of Design member.

The talk tonight is a subject I am excited about as Jordan Moore will be talking about his work

“exploring the rapidly emerging ‘networked notes’ movement (also referred to as the ‘second brain’ movement), powered by tools like Roam Research, Obsidian and TiddlyWiki.”

Jordon is also building a tool for thought, which I feel has more similarities with (my tool),, and muse which focus a little more on spatial UI and delight over Roam and other use of force directed graphs and backlinks text, so I am excited to hear his insights.

Read more and sign up at The School of Design

Here is a clip from the tool Jordon has been making

Dr. Adam Procter @adamprocter