instant feedback

The great thing about iterating on openly is you can get instant feedback. I’m currently re-factoring the node loop code (there is a wider performance issue related to looping through pouchdb / state arrays) and I knew the logic could potentially reintroduce a sync chase bug I had previously squashed however it wasn’t clear as it is a different implementation and it has to do with vues reactivity so in my own testing I couldnt see the bug but when your testing something that is multi player it’s really hard to test. For this test and most other I basically have to have two different machines open and type one handed on each machine at the same time. So I decided I’d put the small update online as it was part of a bigger update and I knew that if this had the bug the next update would be worse as pulling that bug across to the main spatial view would see the bug magnified 10x and fantastically guess what I got in some feedback telling me - typing is slow and skips letters - aka the bug! I have thought about having an alpha site and a beta site but that would segment the people and would also mean I won’t get such instant feedback. Rolled back site to previous version and working on reimplementing bug fix in new code.

Dr. Adam Procter @adamprocter