Betting the horse of Big Tech

I probably need to blog about this properly but as a maker of a a “tool for thought” with a particular angle a spatial human computer interfaces (since 2014 😉) and Edutecg, I am very aware of all the recent huge VC investments in Miro ($50 million) Roam etc. ($9+ million / $200 million dollar valuation)

These Digital tools for sharing ideas are suddenly seen as one of the panaceas within our new lockdown life’s.

Miro is profitable and growing, with over 5 million users and 20,000 paying customers, including 80% of the Fortune 100.

(Roam) have still managed to become one of the fastest companies in history to reach $1 million in annual recurring revenue. (Possible only 6000 users)

(Brackets by me)

It’s clear these huge investments are about getting more people to that one service by using that money to add more features from other platforms or to draw all the experts to one place (Roam Makers programme) and in most cases surveil the people’s data even if there are paying or not. All in the hope that they come out of this owning “the tool” to rule all tools.

My tool is for small groups of people to work together to support each other in thinking through an idea. There are no user accounts and there is no centralised service. The code is free libre and you can reach out to me or build your own. I don’t hold “office hours” to win over academics or onboard new customers. I simply talk to people who might have an idea to make the web app work better for them. Small tech that works for and is open (libre) to people is the way forward not tech with millions of users and monopoly dominance, that way only leads to the power balance continuing to tip to the corporations. You’ve all seen Bladerunner right?

Also Cory Doctorow evidences this much better me.

Need to get some more writing on ans feel free to look at

Dr. Adam Procter @adamprocter