The Social Dilemma - Netflix

Currently - No. 3 in Top Movies in U.S. across Netflix. - No. 6 in Top 10 across all Netflix categories.

And has gone “viral” which is great and means more people will watch this film.

The film does a very good job of making concepts of surveillance capitalism and privacy infringement accessible to a broader audience.

Why not host a screening with those who are less likely to hear about the film. If you cant get together why not watch and the review over video call.

The film Interviews many well know technologists, designers and academics to discuss the design of social networks to the front of your thinking and neatly uses a drama like approach to show how the networks algorithms are designed to keep your attention for advertisers and the business models of the network and that this is not just an annoying feature of the product but a designed choice that shows that this in not good for us at all.

Remember the social networks have spent a lot of time convincing you they are they to just connect you to your friends, this is not true at all, they are there to connect you to the corporation first.

Adam Procter @adamprocter