Humane Tech reply

Nice I needed more space to reply to your nice mention and thanks for the links, the flow chart one I will certainly look at, one for research and two because I was looking for a tool like that. @dajbelshaw yes makes sense when I was looking at the list, was wondering about an education or learning section, as one of the problematics I hope to help continue to expose (in the text part of my PhD) is the infiltration of surveillance into education tech by default and why this is not humane - @audreywatters has written much more on this than me mind - my project is certainly much like a FOSS miro but the design is specifically aimed to work in augmenting a education art/design studio co-creation process, a key factor I have found in testing and working with students over the last 15+ years is that when working together in this way unlike every screen shot on miros site it works best when contribution are anonymous, this may not last in the session, as working with small groups (up to 25) people can identify themselves or it may becomes obvious but it enables a flattening of hierarchy and reduces some of the anxiety of having to “look good” in front of your peers and tutors, which in turn results in better exploration of an idea. We have also ised a number of times to open up dialog just prior to a presentation or deadline which also had surprising anxiety reduction benefits, this is all being documented in the PhD text

Dr. Adam Procter @adamprocter