Tot App does not actually Sync - Warning

Synchronization is the precise coordination of multiple events. In computing, it refers to the coordination of hardware devices, such that the data they contain or provide is made to be identical. -

I know a number of people who I follow and maybe follow me on are into text editors, and I know some have made reference to Tot App and even connecting it to org-roam BUT I must thus warn people that the app Tot for macOS, iOS does a terrible thing in the way it handles sync, in that it doesn’t sync it just overwrites, I will not link to twitter but the replies to my friend @mrmurphy after losing a ton of offline work are “Last write wins” , no apologies and when queried where this is spelt out in the apps marketing the reply was “it’s implied - it’s a marketed as a simple scratchpad, not a document management tool”. You cannot offer a text based app that claims to have “seamless sync” if this is destructive overwriting, that is not sync that is brute force. Yes Sync is hard and many apps handle this with human decision based conflict resolution, I spent a long time looking into how I would use realtime sync with CouchDB and PouchDB and a huge part of this is the system cannot lose anyones data and should in fact have histories and such, etherpad being a wonderful example. I was hoping after our latest podcast (minus 11) which was a little railroaded by Chris’s rightful upset at losing a lot of work, I had hoped to have a happy ending but it got worse, no sympathy, just a note on how to get a refund, the app is £20 and the way they sell free on macOS and £20 on iOS implies Sync. They don’t know what Sync is.

Adam Procter @adamprocter