For the new normal

The awesome @thoughtshrapnel posted a list of ten things to pursue in the new normal and then asked me what mine might be. I kicked this out in one hit… so I am free to change, reject or iterate these 😬

  1. You are a cog in the wheel of the universe embrace community and sense of place.
  2. Be kind always.
  3. Say what you thinking but try to think before you say it.
  4. Some people are only out for themselves ignore them don't try to understand them.
  5. You don't know anything but you can contribute to something.
  6. The love of Money is a root of all sorts of injurious things.
  7. Do stuff for other people more than anything else.
  8. Life has purpose you just may not know it yet.
  9. Coffee to speed up, beer to slow down (n.b. this is probably a bad thing).
  10. Love, ponder and wonder on creation.
Adam Procter @adamprocter