👾 WSA Games Virtual Arcade LAUNCH 🚀 - 24th April 2020

Today we officially launch our final year virtual Arcade - WSA Games https://wsagames.com - In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and the fact that all our face to face events have had to be cancelled we rapidly moved our user testing online.

So now anyone can download, play and provide feedback on the work in progress games.

You have the very first opportunity to play games from the next generation of creative game makers! And what else is better for a pandemic lockdown!?!

The games will be updated regularly on the virtual Arcade until mid June (when we have a special live stream showcase) Your feedback on the projects will no doubt enhance each project. Play them now - https://wsagames.com

Our social media hashtags are #wsad and #wsagames

You can also read more detail and follow links to all the projects own blogs and websites at our regular FMP projects page https://winchester.games

Please do share within your studio, friends and family. Stay safe and thank you for your support.

Adam Procter @adamprocter