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This is in reply to @thoughtshrapnel’s recent Saturday update and I wanted to publish my reply to my site.

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Excellent couple of education related links in the newletter this saturday and nice commentary from Doug (as ever). I have been thinking about this stuff too (obviously), I talk about some of it in the fledgling uneducators podcast and my own musings on

Also prompted by this article to think specifically in terms of change versus opportunity, this to me is that the hand is (finally) being forced and change in our delivery of HE is long overdue. I found a blog post from over 5 years ago I wrote and have notes / ideas going back a decade or more on progressive approaches to HE and tech. I am not the only one that has been doing this in the various Technology Enhanced / Digital Education committees, workgroups etc. there have been many of us, but we had been seen as ‘innovators’ or people that ‘understand’ technology, and probably worse, even with ‘senior staff’ on these spaces not much happened, little pilots here and there but it was always seen as ‘radical’.

I recall when being a ‘nerd’ was laughed upon, I look back on that time and smile, I always loved being a ‘nerd’ , curiosity is the key to creative thinking.

What we must be aware of is learner ‘analytics’ and big data. Especially when those conversations come from Valley based startups or those modelling themselves on the Valleys buisness model.

And finally how dare a ‘Professor’ say that to a 17year old, but then again I recall my art teacher at high school making similar discouraging comments…

Adam Procter @adamprocter