Education has changed

Covid-19 will change the way we deliver education. True Blended learning will be a de-facto standard for all education and not the experimental or niche that some “old school” educators continue to see it as. The need to be savvy with digital tools will be as important as subject specialism. This will enforce that educators are also capable technologists. No longer will anyone be able to hide behind a so called technical ignorance or annoyance. This does mean we need to also be very aware right now of the claws that Silicon Valley edutech will be deploying to capitalise on the capitalism approach to education and that we educators and tool builders must resist and fight against. We must be vigilant if we have any hope to save education from the ongoing marketisation and monopolisation based on purely ecomonic gains. I will try to write more on this but needed to post brief realisation / summary.

Adam Procter @adamprocter