AFC Wimbledon Launch bond at up to 4% Interest!

As a AFC Wimbledon fan a core of why I love the Club and set up is our Trust / Fans owned model. So counter to the greed and cash driven situation of most top flight UK clubs. This model of ownership means that we the fans and the community guide and steer the club to benefit the community, be it those directly connected to football or just by enabling our stars to visit and encouraged kids at hospitals and other community areas we can bring positivity. BUT right now we have a huge capital funding gap (£11million) to finish our brandnew community stadium. So here is how you can help.

You can invest into the newly announced bond scheme and gain a great intrest rate of up to 4%! (there is some risks obviously) but Please check out the Bond website for details on how you could help realise the final piece in the puzzle a stadium back in Wimbledon and this great community asset for Wimbledon whilst also having a very nice interest rate on your savings.

Adam Procter @adamprocter