This is not an ownership related issue

Like a few AFC Wimbledon fans there is a number of people that have said well you’ve gone as far as you can with the fans model you need an investor who will plough money in year after year.

People said that to me when we where in the Combined Counties League. Yet we continued to rise and rise and we did it by balancing the books. This blog post puts a much better view on the finances and how we have always been prudent with our day to days funds.

Co-operative ownership of a Football club is still possible and can be run well however we currently have a huge capital funding gap which appears to have not been foreseen and we agreed to leave our current stadium without the guarantee that the new one will be completed, something we agreed not to do.

I am not sure how this has all really happened and I feel a number of the DTB have made major mistakes, however we should not be pursuing external take over (investment) just to plug the gap.

Yes I think we need to make some major changes to the way we operate the club to best support the Dons Trust Board, such as bringing in paid positions to support their work, after a completed re-election however, and I think we need to do much more work on corporate sponsorship.

Yes the shell stadium I think will be a nightmare to start but lets think progressively, can we set up local vans for food and drinks, like a box park, can we lean on some of our unique points and set up sustainable ways to finance finishing the stadium. I spoke to the Dons Trust tent on the weekend and made it clear I will not be bringing my family to a club taken over by individuals and I wasn’t the only one on the family section that agreed with me, this is a community club and needs to be owned by the community to give the best possible future for the community.

The Dons Trust Board need to stop wasting time talking about theses invisible investors, tell us what you are doing and sure why not just tell us who wants to take over our club but stop the road show of non information please.

Adam Procter @adamprocter