Writing for PhD... kinda

Yesterday … Meeting with my design based PhD Supervisor and you tell him all the cool stuff you’ve been building which doesn’t sounds that cool when you say it out loud and of course he mentions the thing you had put off all day as you built the “vital” reader view component “I really want to see your writing on this stuff” and so the next morning you decide that you must in fact properly start writing up the number of testing sessions already undertaken now direct to my researchnot.es blog and then you spend half the morning trying to work out why your wordpress wont connect to your discourse properly. I wonder if this is how Manton has been feeling about his book too, cant wait till its out though… just saying! Wordpress, Discourse all working now so I am getting there, first post in a while has gotten quite technical but I think worth dipping into with each post even on the usage testing front, as the choices are very much human centred.

Dr. Adam Procter @adamprocter