A Look At The Future Of Open Educational Resources

Stephen Downes is always finding great stuff and has a knack to see aross disciplines and see how together new things may form. In his latest publication A Look At The Future Of Open Educational Resources towards the end he states;

Third and finally, designers and developers will need to learn to co-create cooperatively. This is not the same as collaboration, where small or large teams work on a certain product or outcome. Cooperative work involves multiple individuals and groups working within a common environment or infrastructure, and helping support that network or infrastructure for mutual benefit, while working on different objectives or outcomes.

Part of this involves building and sharing resources in common. But an equally large part of it involves being able to work in the open, or as it is sometimes called, ‘open working’. Examples exist in, say, the philosophy of ‘open science’, where “many of the benefits envisaged for open methods relate to how far they enable not only access but active participation in a research community by newcomers and outsiders, and maintain low barriers to this participation.” Internships, co-op student placements, apprenticeships and sport development leagues all embody the same principle.

These ambitions chime so squarely with my practice based PhD nodenogg.in, it made me very Happy.

Dr. Adam Procter @adamprocter