Bolton and Bury nightmare continues

The ongoing nightmare for both Bolton and Bury in League 1 ⚽️ hurts everyone, delayed fixtures, uncertain futures and fans in turmoil. Both clubs should have never been allowed to get into this much trouble, the EFL needs to think about its role in this as much as they seem to currently be allowing time to hear positive news. Reminds me of why I love AFC Wimbledon so much, fan owned, run within budget and the league status is not as important as a community club. I hope Bolton and Bury find a way out and I would say to their fans don’t underestimate what a Fans Trust is capable of, just look at what we have managed. It’s not all about how much money 💰 you have (or borrow or gamble on having!). I am concerned that the crunching of fixtures will be unfair on teams like us whose season long fitness can be much harder to maintain due to smaller squad sizes, I will be looking very sternly in the direction of the EFL if this is becomes an issue. They will need to think very seriously about how they arrange the missing fixtures and not stick to timelines for the sake of timelines.

Adam Procter @adamprocter