nodenoggin Design principles 0.01

So I’ve scratched out my first round of design principles for nodenoggin. Next up make some posters for the principles. Would welcome feedback or comment at 🦉 or via mentions 👍


Support delightful design, the people feel good and empowered. Must be intuitive to empower the user. (test, test, test)

Knowledge connecting.

Build knowledge together making connections you would not find without others.


Enable the collective to wander and get lost in the journey to find solutions or ideas that would at first seem totally unconnected.


Must extend the physical act of being in a space solving design problems and seeking knowledge and ideas with others.


Enhance and support the collective. The collective is always better than the individual.


The tool allows for reflective practice and review outside of working with others.

These next principles are overarching and need a little more work I believe but I also want to keep them as simple as possible.

Free software.

All the source must be free software as in free speech and open for anyone to see, use and change.

Open web.

The web is important and should not be driven by data theft and adverts.


Respect the person and their data at all times. Their data is first on their devices. Sync does not take away ownership and does not store data that cannot be controlled by the person whose data it is.


The data belongs to the people, never hold the keys to other peoples data. They choose how to share, delete and must be able to export.


Design for everyone.

Dr. Adam Procter @adamprocter