Forever Distractions - Monitor not turning on

Popped into the office to try and grab a couple of things, my main monitor is no longer powering on… so much for a flying visit, I am hoping it is just the power supply and that in house IT can check and source a replacement before I start back proper in Sept, when you are use to a specific set up this really throws a spanner in the works. I was only today listening to ATP and thinking about how great my LG screen is typical, good job I didn’t recommend to @siracusa (yet) - My set up is MacBook Pro 2016 (clam-shelled) connected via USB C to a LG 32UD99-W and thunderbolt convertor to a 27” Apple thunderbolt display, USB Das Keyboard, Corsair Darkcore RGB (Corded) Mouse, StreamDeck (15 button) and a rather nice fabric cushioned mouse map from Allsop.

Dr. Adam Procter @adamprocter