Video games do not cause violence but makers do need to think about it

A great Guardian article, as politicians attempt more hypernormalisation around horrendous acts of violence.

They present and take the simplified easy route and blame something others can quickly latch onto but game makers cannot just stand by and not show they consider the products they put into the world and rely on the research that shows no direct link to real world violence. Games can be such powerful tools for good so let’s ensure as designers we think about our choices and not refrain from the difficult conversations. If we design a violent world we should be able to debate our choices and reasoning.

a familiar refrain from the developers of violent games – that they’re creating escapist entertainment. But this isn’t really good enough. If your game uses real-world weapons, real-world locations and real-world conflicts you can’t simply recuse yourself from moral and political debate.


Adam Procter @adamprocter