Dai Barnes

I originally met Dai Barnes via @thoughtshrapnel (Doug Belshaw) and I only had the chance to meet him once in person. It was in a nice pub on a hot day in London for Amy’s Burvalls book launch. The event was wonderful and Dai was so nice, friendly and funny, a great storyteller, I love these types of people so I stayed for as long as I could. I often think about how he managed to navigate London barefoot🦶that day and was one of those people that I hoped to figure out a way to meet again in person. I don’t believe I have any photos of that encounter. Dai was just as engaging and friendly on Slack, Twitter and the podcast TIDE he did with Doug. Doug informed me that Friday (Aug 2nd) he passed away in his sleep. Still shocked. My thoughts are with Doug and our connected friends and Dai’s family. Stay Strong friends.

Dr. Adam Procter @adamprocter