Indieweb co founders interview (transcript)

This is a really nice interview with Indieweb Co-founders @t & @aaronpk talking to @manton at the last indieweb conf 2018 on Bit of history, context and thoughtful commentary.

Oddly enough the discussion about phone numbers was interesting to me as I have in fact had the same number since I first got a mobile (cell) phone around 1998/99 and had this goal to never change it, it use to frustrate me when I would get a text from people saying here’s my new number… I just like the fact that anyone from my past could still call me up (if they really wanted to 😂). The connection of this was to the fact that domain registering can be a little fiddly which I agreed more with @manton that this is stil a little to odd so if @manton can add a super easy domain set up path as part of registration or one click upgrade that would be rather awesome specially for new comers to just get a blog, I guess a little like WordPress but with the bonus of the MB timeline (if you want it). For me the ongoing battle is always with this stuff is working towards opaque frictionless technology coupled with delightful design. I still find a number on Indieweb things too complicated and supposedly I know what I am doing…

Adam Procter @adamprocter