Godot 3.1 game engine my side project

Side project coming on nicely.

Trees can now have their own unique value and so the bigger the tree the more chops it takes but the more oxygen depleted when finally cut down. Each tree chopped updates the level oxygen levels accurately.

Next up Axe being blunting per chop and the sharpening machines. Once that’s in place I can try and figure out a level layout for testing. As that will be all the core mechanics in place. Although I’ve not tried to connect my retro usb joystick 🕹 up yet which is part of the experience.

BONUS: I could now have different axes with some being better at chopping but maybe due to weight slow player down (thats a extra option for complexity)

GitLab Code

N.B All sprites are placeholders for now

Adam Procter @adamprocter