Apple Arcade? 👾

Obviously I agree with the idea of creating games that the mainstream wouldn’t make and games that redefine games. That’s the kind of games programme I run, this new platform and pitch also makes a lot of sense from Apple.

We don’t know much about the platform for players and even less it seems for developers so here are my quick thoughts…

The current 100 (we got a peak of at least) look excellent but they are well established developers and game makers already?

How will this platform support new game makers? Innovative games will come from new studios being created by new makers and those joining to make new studios think Astroneer.

What is the funding model for said companies from Apple ? They said they help developers ? How? If they want to foster new types of games a platform is not enough?

How will the subscription money be divided ? Across 100 + companies ? I guess they are banking on a lot of the 1 Billion iOS players moving to this model ?

Are they hiring more game experts to help pick the next games to be “exclusive” to Apple Arcade

Exclusive? seemed odd as a number of games shown where ports? For example the awesome Overland

Can games thus be “upgraded” to Apple Arcade?

Will this create another tiered game barrier?

Will this damage paid games in the “normal” game store? And thus encourage more ad driven and in app games in this space ?

Does the game have to work on all platforms from day one of release?

I’m sure I’ll think of more as the time goes on and as we find out more. Not being a Google fan and wanting games that are different, games as an art form and games as cultural artifacts, this certainly appeals more than Stadia to me as a player and designer. Of course I expect I’ll subscribe on day one.

ASIDE: So can we now expect Apple to actually make a decent controller for Apple TV… but then again if Apple Arcade is all platforms that has a big limit on special capabilities so I guess a controller for all devices is coming. 👾

Adam Procter @adamprocter