NodeNoggin Proposal for MozFest

Below is my session proposal for MozFest feel free to discuss on my forum and view at Mozilla github

What space do feel your session will best contribute to?


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What is the name of your session?

CODENAME : NodeNoggin

What will happen in your session?

A short presentation will introduce NodeNoggin and its purpose as a knowledge sharing platform designed to extend the physical design thinking processes from the confines of the physical studio to include a new type of collaborative digital space.

Working in small groups we will run a design thinking activity using the theme of decentralisation in the form of a physical post-it note ‘ idea generation workshop’ combined with the use of an early Minimum Viable Product of NodeNoggin.

NodeNoggin has a delightful and intuitive interface. It allows people to engage, connect and unpack knowledge in meaningful data visualisations and filters that enhance design thinking processes and create a meaningful shared collaborative environment to support and augment the design process.

What is the goal or outcome of your session?

The simple goal is to showcase a very early new open source platform and spatial interface designed to help design thinking processes and knowledge production. NodeNoggin attempts to encompass delightful humanity centred design principles, and hopes to take a slice of Edutech away from Silicon Valley, we are building a digital tool that is owned by the content creators and knowledge workers.

This workshop is a real world test of NodeNoggin. However the ambition of the session is to facilitate community building around NodeNoggin, both in terms of visibility but also in terms of building advocates from within the Mozilla community who may want to provide future feedback, discussion and code contributions as the project develops.

After the festival, how will you and your participants take the learning and activities forward? (max 120 words)

Our open ethos on the project means we will be documenting the process as much as possible and a community is something we feel the NodeNoggin must have. In preparation we have already set up an open discussion forum , youtube channel, a gitlab instance and repo’s alongside project blogs, podcast and a newsletter. We will be asking for participants to specifically follow the project, join the open spaces and spread the word to help support and improve the platform. We plan to run numerous tests of NodeNoggin specifically within Design teaching environments and so will be running future sessions and enabling participants to download and run NodeNoggin themselves for their own design projects.

How will you deal with varying numbers of participants in your session? What if 30 participants attend? What if there are 3? (max 120 words)

We would require at least 3 participants as the session will be a design thinking exercise using both NodeNoggin and paper and pens. If over 30 arrive this will be fine as we can group people together to form teams to work the design solutions and knowledge collection. The workshop should also provide food for though on the subject of decentralisation and be of wider benefit

We have yet to test NodeNoggin in a live environment and so the number of live connections could be an issue and so we may to set a limit. The platform would hopefully at this point run as a mesh network. Participants would want a live web connection to enhance the research process.

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Learning Forum

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Dr. Adam Procter @adamprocter