Rise of Unconditional places damanges Universities & Students

Completely agree with this article in the Guardian on the issues of Universities offering so many unconditional places. I’ve seen a huge rise this year myself and not something we offer @gamesdesignart, students must successful pass a portfolio interview and meet our grade requirements. But I know that a lot of students have taken place’s elsewhere as it was the ‘safe’ option.

We want to recruit students who are prepared to work hard and be the very best they can be. They can only do that if they feel we are the right place for them and they are studying the right subject. No one wants to see students struggling to cope or dropping out because they were pressured to choose the wrong university or the wrong course.

My advice to students is to pick the institution that’s best for you. Don’t be tempted to accept, at any price, the easy option of an unconditional offer. Follow your instincts and your ambitions

There are many courses and the course and the student must fit, aiming for what you really want is important and being swayed to take another place in case you don’t make the grades is a mistake. I try to give students tips on talking to current tutors about what grades they need for us after interview and perhaps even consider taking an Art foundation course if they don’t quite make our A-Level requirements if they really want to come on our course, better to delay than go to a course they are not 100% into or is the ‘safe’ option.

Note: Change maybe afoot to discourage the over use of unconditional places. Guardian

Adam Procter @adamprocter