Instagram makes me anxious 📷

I get anxious when in real life friends don’t like an Instagram photo of mine, especially if it related to work I’m undertaking, I wonder why they didn’t spend 2 seconds pressing the heart, did they even see my photo? Don’t they know I like to get a like. It makes me worry.

Sometimes I would have conversations about how many followers I had on Twitter and Instagram. Even though I know that many can be bots or that I you can game ways to gain followers. But sometimes I did care, why has he got more followers? I’ve been on twitter for years longer. It made me question my content. Should I have been more canny?

So more and more I really appreciate that doesn’t show or support any of this. People can favourite posts but you don’t know, you can’t tell how many people are following you. In fact the delay in extra JavaScript in headings and footers means I can’t install Matomo (analytics software thats not Google) and you know what the more I think about it the more I don’t want to now.

When someone mentions me on the interaction is so much more meaningful than a little heart, thumbs up or a like. Even a RT / Boosted style posting is not possible and so this is normally a mention with effort, real interaction.

Thanks @manton what a good default design decision.

Wherever I can I’m turning off stats, likes and such that I don’t need to know. If you want to tell me you liked what I did. Well drop me a line on or start a discussion on discourse.

Adam Procter @adamprocter