Re-rise of Indie web & Microblogging

Am pulling together my own micro blogging talk for an Experimental Publishing module here at Winchester School of Art and am focusing on a brief introduction around the issue of control over the web.

The problem is the dominance of one search engine, one big social network, one for microblogging. We don’t have a technology problem, we have a social problem.(Berners-Lee, 2016)

This is then followed by a basic history of blogging 97 - circa 2012/13 , covering basic tools such as open diary, blogger, live journal, typepad, wordpress, tumblr , twitter. Interspersed with the fact through the web , blogs gave everyone a voice, and will do a little bit on twitter and political changes (Arab spring etc.) This is for context.

I’ll then head back to advertising and peoples current views into the web and why indie web / / POSSE / owning a domain is becoming important. Ill probably drag in recent Guardian and such articles on peoples concerns of Facebook. Ending with the fact that if you want to publish on the web which is probably the most powerful platform for communication on the planet. The need to understand the web is in a bad place right now and the status quo of Google, Facebook, Twitter is not good at all in this regard. And encourage them to check out / indieweb…

So any resources / links / things the microblog community think I must mention, either in terms of tech or seminal moments. Feel free to comment on my connected discourse topic or reply on

Dr. Adam Procter @adamprocter