Stop with the Arts v Science nonsense

One proposal coming forward in the UK is to lower Arts course fees based on the median wage being lower after graduation. This divide is another out dated mode that tries to split creativity out of the ongoing promotion of STEM.

Having creative graduates, or “graduates of the arts”, pay less for their degrees would create a perception that the subjects they studied are less likely than others to lead to successful careers, which would undervalue the huge economic impact made by the creative industries.

I think education should be provided by the state to anyone that wishes to undertake it but a reduction in fees for the Arts only would not only devalues creativity but have a huge impact on our ability to deliver world class education.

I firmly believe that some of the best education comes via the Arts and that creativity is required in all fields. It will only be through creative thinking that many of the worlds problems could be solved.

The Creative industries is the fastest growing sector in the UK and continues to grown faster then the economy, in fact at twice the rate in 2017.

The ongoing UK view that art, design and creativity are less important than other subjects is backwards thinking and will in the long term be hugely damaging to an island that seems even more inclined to cut it self off from the global economy that will need creative and design thinking in all areas.

Disciplines must work together. I have an MA in Art, Design & Internet Techologies and am studying a design part time PhD in Web Science. I see no divide between science, art, design and creativity.

Dr. Adam Procter @adamprocter