Our survival in League One is (I think) crucial.

The ambition for us (@afcwimbledon) in 2018 has to be survival in League One.

I don’t believe our current position in the league is a management issue at all. I think @neilardley and his team are making good choices and decisions, although I sometimes question his substitution timings as a little predictable, but our current league position is a cash issue. You can link league positions to cash quite quickly which is disheartening but hey that’s another blog post.

Our home end is technically sold out every game and so this limits our income drastically, we know we have a larger fan base and could attract walk in fans, see Wembley gate, and the Spurs gate will no doubt say the same.

So crucial to our further progression is our New Stadium back at Plough lane, recently and finally all agreed to proceed, the Stadium will start by doubling our current capacity and then the potential to double that again. I think we need to survive in League One for our return to Plough Lane, this will provide us a very attractive start for ‘new’ fans and thus the increased revenue will set us up for another group of exciting years! Come on you Dons!

Adam Procter @adamprocter