Awesome gift from awesome friend, a flat dotted grid sketchbook. This will be deployed for #procterphd for sure!

I fear I will need a 3rd keyoard replaced on Macook Pro 2016, compressed air didn’t dislodge the prolem with the b key

Long-term investments

To truly appreciate something, you must confine yourself to it. There’s a certain level of joy and meaning that you reach in life only when you’ve spent decades investing in a single relationship, a single craft, a single career. And you cannot achieve those decades of investment without rejecting the alternatives.

  • Mark Manson

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EGX Rezzed 2018

Great day out checking out the games at EGX Rezzed. Awesome interview with Tim Schafer maker of some of my favourite games. Monkey Island, Full Throttle, Grim Fandango and publishing some amazing new Games such as Knights and Bikes

The Leftfield room has some really interesting games, rock paper shotgun room had some great fun and custom controller games. One on which a friend can literally adjust variables in the game such as zoom level and speed ! Was hilarious. Both bigger indie rooms also awesome. The Unreal room was not my cuppa tea and continued to reenforce my feelings that unreal isn’t an indie dev engine really. Meet some Godot Fans too 😄👍

Hey anyone here use any specific app to collate buisness cards and such. I need to have a good digital system for this I think. I thought Dropbox or Microsoft did something but open to suggestions.

EGX Rezzed (Games event) there was a lot of discussion about making sure to use Twitter for PR / comms / marketing. Alongside Facebook, Twitch & YouTube streaming. Good to cross post from own content but of course the problem twitter has control of indie games marketing

Students are concerned about my departure from social media, that was nice. Going to keep using @gamesdesignart for promotion and DM / @mentions on my accounts only. All other work will be posted on my own server / Everything is in place for Sunday launch. #thelast7

Excellent conversation with Tim Schafer. Some good advise for new game makers and creative writers too.

Make a game that only you could make. Don’t censor yourselves
Tim Schafer

I am off to EGX Rezzed all day today (Friday 13th) with @gamesdesignart should be good. Talking games, playing games. 👾

I’ve just started using GitKraken not only does it have a cool name but it’s an pretty awesome GUI for git, if you have Pro then you can use with gitlab 👍 loving it so far.

I fear a molecule of grit is under the B key on Macbook Pro 2016 and of course my first ever can of spray air is in the office and I’m not. _last

My writing is always frustratingly poor. Beware of the blips in grammar and sentence structure as I figure this stuff out. Will keep trying.