This week I finally sat down and updated to 1Password 7 and 1Password Family account. I’ve been a long time 1Password user but only now moved to subscription version, now the family can join me on the super awesome password security trip - Recommended indeed 🔐

Hmm I didn’t favourite at the time but someone posted link of Alfred workflows they have been making on … who was it ! 😊

Huge student debts are unfair. Let’s move towards a graduate contribution - Chris Husbands - Vice-chancellor of Sheffield Hallam University - Guardian

Arrived in the rather wonderful Belfast on my annual trip as External Examiner at Belfast School of Art, BDes (Hons) Interaction Design. Gonna miss catching up with @fehler unfortunately this time but looking forward to see the final year work indeed! 😊

Got my own gitlab set up already though I am not using enough & yet however as much as I fear M$ hell, be nice if my Office 365 work account gives me some more Github features (though I think I have a most with my student account (my slow PhD has some fringe benefits))

I think once you have kids and hit a certain age everything cuts you up a little but dam those developer videos get me every year. Wooo changing the world 🌍 #wwdc18

Mac screenshots update is nice, I wonder is mojave might reduce my need for apps like pixave / little snapper (rip) #wwdc18

Wouldn’t want to be demoing Siri on stage. She has gotten it so wrong at work when I demo the concept of interface without interface hehehe #wwdc18

When I was coding / playing with my ZX Spectrum I didnt ever think we would have hand held devices that unlocks via facial recognition, it’s pretty mind blowing how quickly computing has moved on. Can we keep the Silicon Valley capitalist system away as much as we can please.