Have to agree with the Guardian this non-alcoholic beer is pretty good. 🍺 Purchased at tesco worth checking out. #nodrinkingduringtheweek #workarounds #partyhardprocter

Lost 2-4 away not good. Could have been 4-4 by the sounds of it with one offside & a saved penalty 😞 I think this will be the battle for the rest of this season and (if we stay up) next season as well. New stadium please ⚽️ afcdons.net @afcwimbledon #coyd

So is the 🎿 or ⛷ discovery working in Micro.blog if so I have mainly watched the opening cermony for now

Yes yes yes - I hope to be counted among these people soon as should @manton already !

The punk rock internet – how DIY ​​rebels ​are working to ​replace the tech giants Technology The Guardian dctr.pro/245 #procterphd

Super fun breakdown of website redesign for lynnandtonic.com. Lynn really pushes the CSS grid and concepts of responsive web design in a neat way check it out. dctr.pro/244

“We can’t say we want creative thinkers and problem solvers while stifling those opportunities to ensure that we get through the curriculum or make sure students are prepared for a test.” An excerpt from Katie Martin’s new book. bit.ly/2nQHnAm via @BIEpbl

PhD little derailed last couple of weeks which is highly frustrating. Hope to get back up & running ASAP. It (a PhD) needs a good head of steam and when you have it, it’s awesome but oh boy when you lose it, super hard to get back. Steam train metafore + fuel, stoking aptly fits