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For itch games I am going into desktop mode and downloading game Via Firefox Linux builds if I can and then you add to steam in desktop mode as non steam game, windows builds not sure yet but changing proton version helps (noted below) there is the itch app but I haven’t bothered with that as I couldn’t work out installing the Linux one and also wasn’t sure if it would help / limit to Linux builds only showing 🤷‍♂️ and to install the windows itch app looks like hell

For epic and gog Stores I installed this heroic app again via desktop mode in discover app and then also added as non steam game to steam

For ubisoft I followed these instructions to get the connect app working again mainly on desktop mode

Once all the settings are set they then worked in game mode, trackmania I believe I had to launch in desktop mode before it saw my standard pack but that may have been a time delay thing from purchase TBH

A couple of the games / apps had to change the version of proton from experimental to the next one down 7.03.

And I also managed to break heroic folder location at one point by deleting prefixes (probably don’t do that) when I tried uninstalled and reinstall a game

Changing controller type / editing also helped to get mouse control if you need it in some of the non steam game. Although trackmania still isn’t respecting B button in a race weirdly it works as expected in menus and such.

And I want to work out this asap.

Hope that helps speed up day one fun for you

For fun I want to install VScode but it would be pointless 🤪🤦🏻‍♂️

Adam Procter @adamprocter