Replying to: podiboq @podiboq

@podiboq this is a great question. Well I think I want it as a research tool to help me make more connections to the things I find and save on my travels. I want it to index my whole mac in general and I want to be able to start saving articles and PDF etc into one place. I want to use Obdisian as my scratch pad for writing and Ulysses as my finisher. I have Papers app as my reference tool for journals but I am also hoping devon could fix that I would also need the on Go option to capture things I find. So am thinking a replacement for Papers app , Instapaper, pocket and general capture location with some AI to compare what I find with what is on my mac. I am kinda keen now I lost all my tabs to do weekly tab keep or delete thing too. Don’t know if that makes any sense. I get a small discount as academic but I am still weary of Costs and also to keep that up with v4 etc

Adam Procter @adamprocter