Within BA (Hons) Games Design & Art in Winchester, UK each year we host numerous user testing events dressed up as parties for anyone to come, test & see what our students get up to. View the list for 2018

Although the final score was 0-3 (0-0HT) we put on a great game and in the first half we where very unfortunate to not go into the lead. Well done @AFCWimbledon #coyd

Completely agree with this piece from the Guardian.

We must reverse the ‘outcome oriented’ educational monster we have unleashed.

We have schooled them to believe formal education is where intellectual creativity and complexity go to die.

dctr.pro/235 @thoughtshrapnal

Suppose to be spending the evening playing ps4 Pro Evo with my friend but now he is sick I’m redesigning and updating my Academic CV #rockandroll

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