So iPhone X users are you seeing the search in Mail app bug where you cannot cancel out of search and have to force quit app (using Office 365 email account and iCloud) I’m sure it’s been filed ? Episode 9 microcast our now - search and subscribe in your favourite podcatcher #overcastfm

This morning trying (again) to pull together my short chapter on Delightful Design and it’s principle role in new edutech tools. SpaceWar / Lasersocks delight at the heart and transforming UI / UX. #procterphd

I can only assume @medium did this on purpose. The open in app is like a little tab coming out of the iPhone X up swipe indicator #procterphd #delightfuldesign

Update blog post on some of the stuff I’ve been making around spatial hypertext networked learning objects. (Well that’s what I’m calling them for now)

Public discussion welcome on discourse link at the bottom of Post 😊