Thanks to everyone at #ewigconf had a great all but flying visit (sorry about that) next stop GDEN Sheffield.

Going to try out VueJS as a decent cross platform app building thing me thinks. Swift will be too limited and Go just wasn’t working out for me. Angular or React look wrong too.

Worrying about sentient AI as the ice caps melt is like standing on the tracks as the train rushes in, worrying about being hit by lightning – Bret Victor

We don’t need to nationalise Facebook et all. We need to build services that allow the individual to own there data not a corp or a gov. #decentralisedweb #webscience

Really enjoying dreamland margate but the biggest issue is not enough staff so moments of elation punctured by stress waiting.

We didn’t swim here yet but this is a tidal pool in Cliftonville (margate) we may not swim there this time but I think we will be back 🏊‍♀️☀️👾